10th September 2021


This special edition of OPPORTUNITY is dedicated to highlight the group’s commitment to investing in digital solutions on eco-friendly artificial intelligence autonomous technology that can optimise our operational sustainability, safety and performance.

The green autonomous trucks also align with the Group’s sustainability programme, designed to fulfil our pledge to reduce emissions in view of a changing climate and an evolving social and regulatory landscape.

21st May 2021


In this issue we look at the Group’s new terminal in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, our ports in UK, the Port of Felixstowe and Harwich International Port have been included as one of eight new Freeport’s designated by the UK Government, followed by an exciting new 5G project at Felixstowe has also been unveiled. ?We shine the spotlight on how HKSPA has built its market leading cold chain service in the fresh produce imports sector into South China and beyond.

We also cover the progress of delivering vaccines worldwide and how the experts sees the global imbalance in containers, which is causing headaches for all players in the industry. We track rail freight between China and Europe which is entering a new era and discover how procurement companies have adapted to major supply chain disruption during the last year.


17th December 2020


As we approach 2021, we are excited to announce the project in Abu Qir, Egypt has been signed, further expanding the Group’s portfolio and to better facilitate its network in Africa and the Middle East.

In other news we look at how digitisation enhances the maritime industry to safeguard its supply chains.

The meteoric rise in ecommerce has put inventory management in the front line as we analyse the impact this phenomenon has had on the warehouse sector.

We also take a look at how the latest communications technology can deliver powerful tools for ports and shipping, enhance weather forecasting and route planning solutions as well as supporting the workforce during the pandemic to work safely and efficiently.

7th August 2020


In this issue of OPPORTUNITY, we take a glimpse into the future of ports, as the ‘thinking’ Q-Trucks are unveiled at 亚博网站网址是多少 Thailand Terminal D.

Collaboration, teamwork and determination were the main ingredients in the on-time opening of 亚博网站网址是多少 Stockholm during the pandemic, thanks to a global effort. Driving down pollution levels is a primary goal of shipping lines, we look at the clean fuels under review to meet international emission reduction targets.

Put on your ‘cyber armour’, we ask how to protect valuable data, as attacks escalate during the COVID-19 pandemic. A clean, green, sustainable future needs a roadmap, we analyse initiatives from across the supply chain.

29th April 2020


In this edition of OPPORTUNITY, our cover story looks at the challenges facing the maritime industry, its impact on the supply chain and the expected long recovery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lifting the veil on the virtual world that is defining the ports of the future, we invited the ‘imagineers’ who are combining innovation with operational excellence to build smarter terminals to share their views and experience with us.

Project forwarding handles everything that can’t fit into a box, we speak to the experts that move the world’s largest and heaviest shipments.

Reverse logistics has been overlooked for many years is being embraced by big retail brands and is helping to improve sustainability and reduce waste. We ask if there is any going back on this booming industry sector?

There is also an update on 亚博网站网址是多少 new terminal in Stockholm, the GSBN blockchain initiative and a recap of GoGreen activities.

Last but not least, we wish everyone to stay healthy under the pandemic.


6th December 2019


We look at how the shipping industry is tackling emission reduction, as the IMO 2020 regulations come into force next year.

As the risks increase in the global supply chain we speak to the experts about how shipping and logistics companies can ‘future proof’ their businesses.

The increasing complexity of logistics operations requires extensive training and new skills to stay competitive in the market. We look at what tomorrow’s logistics personnel need to succeed.

In other news, ubi is rolled out across the world with new and enhanced features. ?The Group Environment Committee is also launched to drive through new green initiatives throughout the Group.

26th August 2019


We open this issue with the gala dinner celebrating events where management, staff, stakeholders and friends came together to continue to celebrate the group’s 50th anniversary.

One of the bright spots in global shipping is the rise of cold chain and how the sector is expanding, we shine a light on why demand is growing and how shippers, carriers and ports are investing in reefer technology both at sea and on land.

The futuristic dream of automated vehicles is given a test drive in this issue with port operators at the forefront of moving concepts off the drawing board with promising results.

Building a digital ports network has long been a vision in the industry and now leading ports are taking the first steps to create a worldwide digital platform to deliver real-time advanced information to carriers about berthing times, weather and tides, delays and equipment availability.

We will take a closer look at how space age technology is now being harnessed to build digital twins in the supply chain which enables the creation of a data generated ‘mirror’ of actual operations and how it may benefit the maritime and logistics industry.

18th April 2019


As 亚博网站网址是多少 celebrates its 50th anniversary, the company continues to expand its investment into new markets and leverage the advances in technology to boost terminal productivity, operational efficiency and cost savings.

Our cover story looks at how telematics provides a solution for a notorious supply chain ‘black hole’ for data, when shipments are moved by truck.

We also discover what the roadblocks are to the successful implementation of blockchain and how the hybrid sea-air market is performing, providing shippers with the best of ocean and airfreight in one integrated solution.

In a packed issue of OPPORTUNITY, we take a snapshot of how AI and robotics shapes the new world of warehousing.

There are features on 亚博网站网址是多少 unveiling of its PARIS API which offers customers a competitive edge while planning their regional transport and the latest updates to the new deep-sea container terminal in Stockholm.

Finally, we look at the ground-breaking partnership which led to the launch of the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance to raise Hong Kong’s competitiveness in the region.


21st December 2018


A new shipping route via the Arctic Circle broke new ground recently and we will discover whether sailing via the polar route is viable, environmentally safe and the genuine competition to the existing Asia-Europe routes.

Our rail freight feature highlights on increased demand in Asia, Europe and Latin America, carving a niche as an alternative and cheaper option than air and faster than ocean. We also look at how improved intra-terminal connectivity is the focus of a new internal road development at the Port of Rotterdam. The group continues to extend its reach to hinterland areas through its global network, leveraging water, rail and road options creating new opportunities beyond the port.

In other topics we look at how ocean shipping is attracting high value sectors a new business opportunity. RFID makes a comeback, as new technology and standards supports its wider use in shipping. The government backs Hong Kong to once again become a competitive maritime hub in the Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Address.

Meanwhile 亚博网站网址是多少 continues to roll out its environmental protection initiatives with Go Green and supporting the Global Maritime Forum held in Hong Kong.

24th August 2018


Our cover story in issue 4 highlights developments at 亚博网站网址是多少 terminals in Thailand and Pakistan. The exciting news is that both terminals will lead the way for the Group by introducing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, which will be rolled out throughout the global network.

In other stories we look at how some Intra Asia ports are encountering congestion problems, we find out why this is happening and what the potential solutions are. Empty containers cost the shipping industry billions of dollars each year, but now through new predictive technology and physical systems at ports – help is at hand to stem the losses.

Constantly in the news, cyber-attacks on shipping continue, we talk to 亚博网站网址是多少 in-house experts about the new cyber recovery programme, which aims to protect the company’s data from cyber criminals.

The new kid on the block is Synergy, a logistics company launched in Spain, continuing 亚博网站网址是多少 drive into the hinterland, offering a wide range of logistics services across Southern Europe. We speak to the senior executives about what makes the company different and future plans.

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